Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Birthday MEans...

What is Birthday celebration means for me??
Actually, the birthday celebration is not important in our family life; my parents taught since childhood that the most important thing in birthday is going to remember what we have done, whether good or bad? My Parents prefer to teach how we live and provides benefits for the others, and then birthday is time to reflect our life. Meanwhile, sometimes tradition of celebrating birthdays as it grows with the times. As for me, this is time to rearrange my future by hopes, prays and wishes. Birthday maybe special but perhaps the most special is value beyond the anniversary.

My birthday coincides with the Diplomatic Course organized by KOMAHI in Saphir Hotel, and after the event finished, my friends from KOMAHI gave me a surprise with a small candle. For me, their concern with my birthday is deep and very meaningful. Last Saturday my friends from the Global Xchange volunteers gave me a surprise with a small birthday cake, that’s so beautiful and yummy…n_n

They surprised me when a waiter brought a birthday cake for me, and I just stared. Because my birthday was two days ago, i think the birthday cake was not for me. Once again, They really surprised me! I could not even say a word except thank you. Once I started cutting a birthday cake. I handed out to other friends and suddenly everything started cream cake fight with spreading some in my face, despite making my face oily and dirty but it’s fun and really unforgettable. Thanks to my friends for all that you gave me. This is really great for my birthday celebration.

3 komentar:

  1. the further you walk, the more you see...
    happy birthday sayang

  2. thanks aqsa....n_n'
    it become trouble if i tell your present...

  3. konsep diri yang kau pilih saya suka, tulisanu juga saya suka, dan komen ini sebenarnya berangkat dari penelusuranku terhadap kota gede,bahwa dalam waktu dekat saya akan riset dikotamu itu, mungkin dengan ini saya bisa mendapatkanbanyak info dari orang yang lahir disebuah wilayah bekas penguasa tanah jawa ini,,,,,