Kamis, 14 Juni 2012


I remember when I was able to just sit at the computer and write, not even thinking about it. Just start typing and let the words flow. 

But sometimes, have you ever feel like... can't even get one line down with over analyzing the hell out of it. The imagination is starting to fade and so is with the concentration. You can't even finish a book. Try to start, but within a few minutes the words clump together and you can't focus. 

Then start asking questions such as; What has become of me? When did I become this person? This isn’t how I imagined myself to be. The person who just can’t get anything done, has the most disturbing thoughts, can’t even do the simplest things anymore, and is just plain pathetic at times. You just stuck and asking desperately for get-me-out-of-here.

I’m reminded that change doesn’t have to keep us S-T-U-C-K like that. I love being stuck in the past. Always thinking of what could of happened. But I also need to learn how to move on to new things. We convince ourselves that things are fine.

It just means we need to take some A-C-T-I-O-N.
Aha! ;) 

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