Jumat, 01 Juni 2012

It’s already June?!

Halfway through the year! Now usually I don’t pay attention to the dates anymore. I run on two uni every week so I usually don’t know what the date is, or even the day actually, it is examination months (because I have three weeks only for examinations) T.T

I’ve stopped paying attention to time, well dates, ever since the end of uni just because then I think I’ll think too much about it and then it’ll depress me looking back at the year so far and how I haven’t actually achieved anything. And perhaps there’s also other reasons too that stem way too far down where the planting wounds have already healed. So let’s not go there.

Well, the truth is because I tried hard to remembering someone’s birthday recently so that does make sense that I realize fully: it’s already June!

So yeah. I’m quite oblivious to everything until it gets to the end of the year. Then another year. Then the end. Then another...Then yeah. This is Life.

I just wish in the next days, months, years, I can always be better and better, for my own sake and for the sake of the people that I love. Well, this is kind of an early wish, but its okay. Happy June! :)

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