Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

Reflection: Clear, Forgive, and Accept

After those terrible accident.

Finally I found my courage to accept, move on, and most importantly heal. Things never get exactly easier, but things don’t have to be a constant struggle either. I just expected for so long for things to blow over on their own, with my luck they always do. To assume I didn’t need to accept responsibility for any of the mishaps.

Everything is coming to a closing this year, and as with such things- some things you take with you and the majority of it you leave behind. After all, life is based on experiences not perceptively how much you have in the here and now. I’ve just got to remind myself of that, how fortunate life truly has been for me. And it feels so perfect to know the majority of what I’ve wanted throughout life, I’ve had. I’m just far too hard on myself.
~thanks God ;)

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