Selasa, 11 Maret 2014

Happy Birthday to me

FACT: The average life expectancy in Indonesia for a female is 74.59 years that means I have about 51.59 years left.

You know considering I want to LIVE on every continent in the world, SPEAK another language fluently, CLIMB Mountains, live in the moment, fall in love like really in LOVE, MARRIED and meet my grandchildren, read more Tolstoy and Chekov because their stories are ART, WRITE a book and get it published, take more pictures because pictures of adventures with friends is JOY simple as that, RELAX and not stress about my career, create my own business that provides FAIR TRADE to disadvantaged communities, should I start business? live socially and environmentally responsible because PEOPLE and the ENVIRONMENT MATTER, read Adam Smiths A Wealth of Nations, meet TAYLOR SWIFT and tell her that her voices isn’t so good but I love her music, be a part of my family and cherish their kindness more, build and strengthen relationships with people with I love because YOU guys are EVERYTHING to me, smile everyday to everyone, go scuba diving on the EAST PART OF INDONESIA, talk, converse, laugh, cry, joke, debate, with good friends because the best part of life is people and the connections you create with them….. And much, much, much more

In that case I better get living

Happy Birthday to me.
Yogyakarta, March 2014

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